Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poor little Chancho!!

This poor little man fell of his chair in nursery and got a goose egg that stuck about an inch or more off his head!!  I cried when I saw it, it was frighting to look at and how fast it appeared HELLO it was bleeding too.  His nursery leader is an EMT and she said she's never seen one so big so fast.  This is later on so the swelling has gone down.
This happened the next day at Jeff and Trisha's.  John was pushing him a little crazy like in this jeep and when he stopped Keir's noggin' slammed into the winshield thingy.  (Like my english. please don't be to harsh!)
Look he's all dooby like.  Poor, Poor Chancho!!

My Mommy is going to be so proud of me!!

This is the fabulous bag I made!!  Thank you very much.  My friend Annika and I took a class.  It was super fun.  Hers turned out almost as cute as mine!!  Jk hers is just as cute!!  Are you proud of me Momma?  
These are some burp rags I made ALL BY MYSELF no class needed!!  So there!  Yes, you're right they did turn out fabulous didn't they!  I am pretty poud of myself with both my projects!! Let me know if I can hook you up with either of these projects of mine now that I am Pro!

Monday, September 8, 2008

So I am a little slow at updating my blog, but not as slow as some (hint.. hint.. Annika) It is also a little backward.  I will try to be better at updating!  Enjoy!  This is what has happend the last month.  Not in order though!
John's Birthday Party 
(which was almost a month ago. I'm a little slow.)
Birthday boy!
A cup of Ice cream wasn't enough I needed the whole thing!! 
"WOW" is all I can say I wish you could see the determination in that face!
The happy fam. (easy with the cheese Kirb!)
Brennan, Christian, John and Charlie
after there football game.
Keir painting
trying to be careful at first...
but it didn't take long for it to get everywhere.
I think there was more paint on him then the canvas.
Keir loves to help clean.  
Here he is helping me vacuum the couch
afterwards we made pancakes.  
Keir LOVES to cook!!

This is him trying to give a thumbs up on the pancakes.  
(Didn't quite work out for him!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our trip up north Labor Day weekend
Swimming at Uncle Sethy and Aunt Emmy's pad in SLC
 John and Keir chillin'
Seth wishing he could swim as good as Micheal Phelps
Seth's famous "Dalphin Dive"
yes, Keir is swimming in his undies!
The Boys
Keir and Little Leo playing together

I think someone is a little big for the doll stroller
Leo sick of pushing Keir around!!
Keir pulling Leo in the wagon
Keir wishing he could get a turn!

Keir all tuckered out on our way home from up north.