Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almost Sugar Free!

Just to let you all know, I have been treat free for ONE WHOLE WEEK!! The only sugar is the natural sugar in my fruit and the tablespoon in my oatmeal!
Thank you very much!

Cookie for Grunpa!

We decided to make some cookies for 'Grunpa' since he was feeling a little stressed! Keir said "Grunpa likes chocolate chip!" I said, "He likes peanut butter bar cookies!" So we put them together and this it what we got!


A little late but, better late then never!
Keir excited as can be!
Keir insisted that we set a roll out for Santa! Along with our gingerbread cookies we made!
Moo Moo with her little doggie. She loved it and would kick her legs really fast!

Keir's train table! He also got roller skates since that's ALL he wanted but I don't have a picture for some reason?
It was a Merry Little Christmas!