Saturday, February 27, 2010


On January 20 I started a photoshop class. I learned so much but I will probably have to take the class again since my memory is so poor!
In photoshop I got to hang out with these two Tubular girls + one more who wasn't there that day :(
I made this fabulous scrapbook page. Great Job!
(please note I do not know anyone in these pictures they were the teachers.)
I took the rubber ducky and shrunk him down and put him on the lake! AWESOME!
I took this oh so cute baby and turned the picture black and white and colored the flower and her eyes!
(please note that I did this at home with the wonderful help of the Miss Loverly Mauri. Do to the short term memory loss she was there to help.)
So I am a Little behind on blogging so beware of the post overload!

Could Spring Be On It's Way?

February 26

It was such a nice day yesterday we actually were able to WALK and Keir rode his BIKE to the park! Yippy Ki Yi A! Spring might actually be coming but then looking out my window right now, it's not looking to promising :(

10 months

February 22, 2010
Happy 10 Months!
She is getting so big! She loves to dance and shake her booty. She just got 3 new teeth and has more coming! She gives kisses. she loves to pull hair and laugh when it hurts, really weird. She is the happiest little girl! Always so smiley! I am surprised she is not walking, she walks along everything and pushed things.. chairs, Keir's shopping cart, her walker thingy. She's a good little eater. The list could go on and on! Which it might when I can think of more! She is so cute and fun! We love her! She makes a great addition to our little Fam!
Love you Moo

Dinner is Ready!

I finally started making dinner again and it feels good! Some of the things I made are...
Veggie Black Bean burger with Coleslaw salad.
It was really good if you had the mind set that it is beans NOT meat! Tastes nothing like a nice juicy Hamburger. It was still good and the salad was refreshing! Then next day I made a Black Bean patty but ate it on top of cilantro lime rice and topped with avocado, sour cream and cholula! It was fantastic!
Then I made Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry. Yummy as usual!
Then I mad a Fabulous Beef and Pinto Bean Chili!! Now that was Phenomenal!! My favorite chili EVER!!

Moo and the Movies

February 20
I just thought this was cute! No story other then that!
I can't tell you how long it has been since just John and I went to the movies! We went and saw Valentine's Day! It was fabulous! I love the movies! Hint Hint babe! You really shouldn't need them after almost 6 years of marriage but since I love you...

Ouch, That Looks Like It Hurts!

Yi.. Ca.. Rumba it hurts just looking at it!
Poor guy was cutting cards (he is, well was, into making valentine cards even though the holiday has been over for a while) when some how he cut his finger. Please note that those were CHILD scissors not adult. He was at the table and I was at the counter and all of the sudden he is whining, and now standing, holding his finger with a little blood coming out. I was like "Oh bud it's ok it's just a little cut. Lets go to the bathroom and rinse it off." So we do and when the water runs on it and I can actually see it's not just a little cut, that is when I call for JOHN!! For some reason I can handle other peoples injuries, well kind of, but when it's my kids I can't. The thing bled and bled for forever! It was making us nervous but there is no way you could stitch it up. Finally after almost a week the bleeding has stopped. Myla moo stepped on it when they were playing and that made it bleed again. Then someone at preschool went ahead and stepped on it as well. Poor guy can't catch a break!


February 19
We had lost the charger to the video camera and after about 2 sad years we finally bought one! the camera was dead so we couldn't get the tape out. I am so sad at all of the memories we could have captured but didn't. We've practically missed all of Myla as a baby! I could just cry thinking about it! After the camera was charged we watched what was on it! Keir as a baby. Big and little! So sweet. What I wouldn't give to go back just for a day when he was little...

Happy Birthday Emmy

February 18
Happy Birthday Emmy!

Little Iris is getting so BIG! She is so darn cute and has the most prettiest blue eyes EVER!! The picture doesn't do justice!
We made bars instead of cake and WOWZERS does that look special! Keir would not stop telling us we needed to eat the bars! We were all so stuffed from dinner, but we went ahead and ate those bars just for Keir! As soon as those ghetto candles were out Keir picked up the biggest bar and went to town on it asking for another when he was done!


February 16, 2010
This is Keir geared up for what he calls "Flootballing" which means Football! Even when he plays "flootball" in the house he has to have is Helmet on. Maybe we should break down and buy him some football gear!
It was such a nice day out! Keir had a friend over to play and they were actually able to play OUTSIDE! Yippy! Don't ask what Keir is doing? Just being Keir I Guess!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Painting Toenails

So I have started toenail painting. I am really excited about it. I am going to start working at a salon doing them a couple days a week. These are just a few of the designs I can do. I am willing to try any design you have in mind. Just let me know if you're interested and I will give you more details!

9 months and counting...

So Little Moo Moo turned 9 months. She is quite the busy little thing. She LOVES to dance. Anytime musics on her little booty is a shake'n. It's too funny. She loves her brother and loves to play in his room with his toys. I remember with Keir he would never just crawl into another room and start playing. It's fun to see the differences in the two of them. She is the happiest little baby I know. All you have to do is look her way and she is grinning from ear to ear! She has one tooth. Grandpa calls her Snaggletooth. She has another one that's about ready to shine through! We love her to bits and pieces and I couldn't imagine life with out her!
We Love You Moo Moo!