Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

So last week we had a lot of visitor's.  Kelsey and Bella came to stay with us on Tues.  John's mom and brother Joe came that same day.  They left the next morning.  On Thursday my mom and dad came to stay the night.  Since my mom's birthday was Sunday and everyone was in town we went to dinner to celebrate!  It was a great week and Keir loved spending time with Bella.

This is everyone!
The Birthday Girl aging gracefully!
The bloated whale and her hotty 
Trisha and Jeff
Kelsey and Bella Boo!
Me not looking so bloated beached whale like!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Muscle Men!!

So I am sure John is just thrilled that I posted these pictures but hey it's ok his hot and we all know it.  Even the little farmer's tan.  Keir was getting so into it I had to take pictures and of course post them.

Here he is doing his sit-ups which he did an amazing job!! 
Here he is trying to do push-ups but they turned out to be more butt-ups instead.
Keir showing dad his muscles and by John's face he is either really impressed or has bad gas (j/k).
Drinking protein saying "cheers" to a great work-out!  


I had to post this because I thought it was funny.  So Friday we had to go up north for a funeral and I told Keir to get dressed.  So he did.  He is luckily wearing his skinny jeans so that his big freakin' boots that he choose would fit over them.  He also choose his brown velvet blazer because in his words.."it's gonna be cold at grandma's".  He also did his own hair and flossed his teeth.  He makes me laugh.  Stylin' Bud!!

Big Boy Bed

Keir is officially a big boy.  Here he is asleep in it.  Thanks to my mom who made all of his bedding it turned out great.  The only thing bad about the big boy bed situation is that he no longer feels the need to take a nap.  Luckily I have a great husband who gets home and plays with him so that I still get my break!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Personal Bubble Invasion

I am posting this more for my memory sake then anything.  Tonight while I went to young women John took Keir to Jumping Jack's with Char and Ave.  I guess this little boy got to close to Keir's personal bubble which is never a good thing.  Keir tried to hit the boy.  So Keir is telling me, "remember that baby at Jumpin' Jacks and I tried to hit him. That baby was just driving me crazy!"  I wonder where he got that statement from.  I think he actually heard it from me today quite a few times! OPPS!


So a crazy thing happened the other day, yesterday actually.  I bought a new skillet at Target on Monday.  So Yesterday (Tues.) I go to get it out of the box and to my 'Surprise' somebody was kind enough to stash 3 DVD's in the box.  The Polar Express, Office season 2 and Transformers.  Oh nice!  I am so lucky that the alarm didn't sound when I left Target.  Can you imagine trying to explain that one not to mention my two year old was with me!  So another trip was made to Target!  Oh Goody it's only a 1/2 hr from my house!  Stupid people trying to steal! 

Saturday, January 10, 2009


i FINALLY got and then found my pictures after i lost them for a short bit today!  sO here is a Little uPdaTe from the pAst Month.  EnJoY!

Keir and I played Lincoln Logs.  My Parents gave them to him for Christmas.  I would play them with my little brother all the time.  I loved them.  Found out I still do.  I am pretty proud of the building job I did.  The last picture was taken today.  Keir got the container stuck on his head and was FREAKING out.  It was hilarious!  He didn't think so.
Look at his cute Kitchen in the background.  He loves it!!

Christmas Day!!

When Keir woke up he didn't even care about his presents he just wanted to find Santa.  Everyone kept telling him he needed to go to bed so that Santa could come.  He looked all over the house for Santa.  He was a little disappointed that he wasn't there.  He loved unwrapping the presents.  The big one from my parents (the kitchen set) was the one he wanted to open first since he'd been trying to since we got there. 

Chistmas Eve

Christmas Eve Jammies and Book.   
For Christmas Eve my family had dinner and played Christmas Bingo and other games.  Then Keir opened his Christmas Eve gifts.  (which I forgot to get until last minute.  Thanks to John and Walmart)

Snow at Grandma and Grandpa's

We went up north for Christmas on Sunday the 21. The drive was great.  No snow until... The next day Monday the 22.  John and Keir had fun playing in the snow.  I joined them later.  Then later we drove my dad's four wheeler down to John's parent's to plow their drive.  While John did that Keir and I shoveled the walks.  It was so cute I went into their garage to grab a shovel when I came back Keir helped himself into Nana's.  I said, "Keir your all wet get back out here."  Keir's response with attitude, "I am getting a Shovel." Somehow he went and found a toy shovel to help. Later that night we and my parents went and rented some movies then went to the good 'ole Festival of Lighs.  John and my dad were thrilled and didn't complain once!!  Ha Ha.

John's Creepy Snowthing

Yes that is snow in Ivins December 17!!  John was leaving to a meeting in Nevada and when he went to warm up his truck I guess he decided to build this creepy thing.  He said he felt a little weird as the neighbors were all leaving to work (it was early in the morning) and he's out there by himself building this thing.

Look at Keir.  He is totally afraid!
Hard at work!

Hot Peppermint Chocolatey chocolate!

On December 13 once again Annkia and I were forced to be single mom's again due to another buffalo hunt and a husband out of town.  This time Annkia was kind enough to sleep at our Bungalow.  Here is some pics of us drinking our SUPER chocolatey peppermint hot chocolate.  Enjoy! 

Bad Blogging Times

So when we went up north for Christmas I FOGOT my camera.  My mom took some and I can't find the disk that they where burned onto.  I thought I would at least change my Christmas background.  So I deleted it and now is down so my blog is a little ghetto right now!  I am completely FRUSTRATED!!!