Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank You Everyone

Thank You Everyone for your nice comments you've been leaving me.  I have never had so many comments posted and can I tell you that I feel really loved. I might just have a babies all the time just to boost my self esteem. Thanks again you're all so kind!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Pigs..

There is a farm right next to the place where we take our recycling and last time we went (a couple weeks ago) the pigs were having there babies.  These must of been the pigs from then because John and Keir went today and...
This is what they saw...
Aren't they so cute and tiny. Babies are such little miracles.  Even pig babies!!! (I am just glad I didn't have to birth that many! That's a lot of sore nipples. Poor Momma pig.)
For those that asked or are wondering, to answer your question, Yes I had Myla at home and Yes it was the best!  Bye Bye hospital's!

More of Myla...

She's the cutest!!  I thought when I was pregnant that there is no way I can love this baby as much as I love Keir.  It's true you can love them just as much.
Nana helping give a sponge bath.  I am so mad my mom came down the day I had her and stayed a couple of days and I didn't get one picture.  I am horrible with the picture thing.  John's parent's came down thursday night and stayed until saturday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Baby Myla born 4/22/09 12:37 am
6lbs 2oz 19.5" long
Post will be more blogarific when Kirby
gets some rest sorry blog masters (ladys).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 2 of Sunny Day Fun!

WARNING: This post contains graphic images of Big Momma in a bikini.  Feel free to look at own risk!!
Keir getting his swim on.  He has come a long way.  Last year he would never get in the water unless you were holding him even with a life preserver on. Now he's a little fish. His growing up! Seth he really looked like you when you were little to me today.  (Click on the pic to make it bigger and tell me if you agree.)  
John catching up on his ray's.
Big Momma has arrived everybody. Big, White and Delicious. I had to get a tan on the belly before the big day. (I figured a far away pic was better then a close up!) I am at a 3 folks don't you worry if you were.  She'll eventually come. I might even be having a contraction in this picture. I don't know though.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunny Day Fun

Our day started with a walk, but it got a little to hot so it was cut short.  We decided to take Keir to the little water park they have down by the St. George library.  Sad to say, Parno didn't show up. Keir asked where he was and I said, "I don't know."  Keir's reply, "He's probably still getting his swimsuit on."

Big Momma decided to get in on a little water action!  Yeah buddy.

After the water action we went home to make dinner because we had some special peeps, the Baird family (minus Momma Baird who is totally awesome and ran the Boston Marathon today.  She kicks butt like that. we missed her dearly) coming over for dinner.  They came, we ate, had family night then we all went fishing at Ivins reservoir I believe is what it's called.  Here are some pics. (I didn't post pics of the Baird family they like to keep a low profile.
Before he discovered the mud.
Sexy getting his fishing on.
After he discovered the mud.  Which he played in the whole 2 hours or so we were there.

My Friend Parno

So it's official, Keir has a imaginary friend named Parno. He said he lives by the temple and his mom has a baby in her belly like his mommy does.  He is going to walk with his mommy and come play at our house.  I have just been informed that "Parno is getting his swimsuit on mom."  We are going swimming and apparently since Avery can't come Parno is going to come.  Wish us luck!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So my good buddy Annika was kind enough to give me this awesome Moses Basket.  But lets face it the fabric is not the cutest so... 
my mom was kind enough to re-cover it for me in this cute more stylish fabric.  Thanks Annika and MOM!!  Love it. 

Fun at the Park

John found this crazy weird park.  There are no normal swings the stuff is all crazy like this that John is on.  It spins you around and around.  It is a fun park different from the others.

John was bouncing us like crazy mad on this.  Poor Keir was holding on for dear life.  I was too.  I was also hoping to induce labor.  No luck.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Keir doing his Easter egg hunt.  This was after church and of course I forgot to take a picture of him looking so grown up and big in his new Easter outfit.
The Easter Bunny sure did do a good job at hiding those eggs.  He wanted to make sure it was a challenge to get them.
Our little doobie family.
Yes Emily is really almost 6 months pregnant but you won't know that especially with me standing next to her.  If you're wondering, No my baby did not eat her baby.  (P.S. she's even pushing out in this picture.  I am serious.) 
It was a super fabulous day (April 7th) and Keir wanted to run through his sprinkler so we, yes we as in Keir and I strapped on our swimsuits and basked in the glorious sun!  Yes in our front yard for everyone to see how ghetto fabulous we really are! 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Monkey Bump

I was in the kitchen and John was in the office and somewhere between was poor little Keir.  All the sudden we hear a crash, bang, and cry.  When I got to him John was holding him.  He said wanted his blue blankie so I got it and when he looked up I almost started crying with him, startled by the massive monkey bump protruding from his forehead.  He said he ran into the door knob of the spare bedroom.

After icing it.  All is SWELL.  (Ha ha get it.) 
Sorry Nakole I had to still this off your blog cause I Love it!!  When I saw it all the sudden I felt so awesome and tough.  I try to look at it every day as a reminder of how cool I really am it makes the days when I feel like a beached whale washed up on shore and stuck (aka in the middle of the night when you need to go pee and all you need is that extra shove to get you off the bed and all you want to do is punch your husband just because he's getting a good night's sleep.)  Or the times when you have to bend over and all the sudden your face is turning blue because you forgot to squat instead and your air supply is being cut off. Or how 'bout when you feel like your suffocating because it hit 70 degrees outside and all the sudden you can't see your ankles or get your ring off because you've swelled like a balloon.  Just all the little perks of being prego.  This is a just great reminder of how tough and sexy I still am.  Minus the sexy part.  Thanks Nakole for the reminder I needed it.

Holy Cows

So the other night I walked by my living room window when something caught my eye.  Something LARGE and black I look out and it's a flipping smelly cow not just one but many.  Right in our backyard.  Well there's a barbwire fence separating us. That didn't separate them very well though cause they were able to eat my weeds.  That's a plus.  But what in the world.  They're just crapping all over which creates flies, big flies and then they come in the house.  Oh well Keir enjoyed watching them.  I haven't seen them today yet.  I tried to take a pic but both my camera's were dead.

Look-A-Like Babies???

This is Seth and Emmy.  I am super excited because they just found out that they are having their first little one and it's a Girl.  I am so excited because it's John's lil sis and my lil bro and we are really close with them (even though we live miles away.) I was hoping that we'd have babies around the same time so that they'd be BFF's.  So when I found out I was prego I was literally praying she would be.  Seth don't be mad.  My prayers were answered.  We are both having Girls and they'll be close in age and I am also excited to see if they will LOOK-A-LIKE.  Who knows??  Congrats Seth and Emmy.