Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Last Monday we went with some friend's to New Harmony and cut down our Christmas tree's. It was quite the event and ended up being an all day project.  It started off with breakfast at the Alexander's which was quite the ordeal with the pumpkin waffles not turning out.  So that took up all of the morning.  Then we were off to tree hunt.  Not quite.  We had to meet a friend then it was lunch time.  We went to lunch at some nasty Mexican food place in Cedar City.  Then we had to go to Ace for a Christmas tree stand and then the grocery store.  Then we finally went and John and the other boys excuse me Men went and chopped the trees.  After that we went to a friends house and his nice wife made everyone hot chocolate.  Then it was off for home.  It was really fun though even though I have made it sound like it was miserable.  It was to late to decorate the tree so that happened the next night.  Here are some pics of the 2 day event.
It was hilarious watching Keir decorate the tree.  He would but as many ornaments on one branch as he could. As you see in the above picture underneath where his is hanging his next five.

So proud of his tree!
John pulling a serious pose after being the man he is and chopping the tree down and hauling it to the truck all by his macho self!

Our lovely friends Christian, Kara and Baby Brighton.  
Our little fam.
Annika, me and Kara freezing. 

The final results.  And yes it is leaning a little to the left and still is :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Wonderful Weekend

The sparkly trees at home.
John went Buffalo hunting this past weekend so since I am a scaredy cat Charlie and Annika were kind enough to let Keir and I stay with them.  We sure did have fun!!  Until  Sunday and for Keir's safety his dad needed to get home!  J/k
Annika came up with this wonderful project for us to do.  We made sparkly trees to add to our Christmas decor.  Then I helped her finish her sparkly balls.  It was fun and sparkles were EVERYWHERE!!  
The next morning Annika was kind enough to make us pancakes with the most Delicious syrup ever.  The first batch was not so successful so she made oatmeal pancakes which were yummy yum!
 The yummy yum oatmeal pancakes with the most delectable syrup EVER!!

Christmas Fun!!

On Monday our friends Charlie and Annika invited us over for dinner and to make Gingerbread houses.  So much fun.  I have never made one before and I had a great time.  So did Keir.  I was worried that Keir would just want to eat the candy but he didn't he really got into it and surprisingly John did as well.  Then the next day Annika, Avery, Keir and I made the gumdrop trees which was also fun but that time Keir would of rather ate the candy.  We still need to finish the littler one.  Thanks for the fun times Annika!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Making Peanut Butter Sandwiches

A couple of sunday's ago when we got home from church Keir asked me if I would make him a "sanwich" and I said no because lunch would be done soon.  Well before I knew it my friend Amber asked if I saw what Keir was doing.  Low and behold he just helped himself.  Notice his knife from his little play kitchen.  He even cut the bread in half with it.  What a cutie!

Fun with friends

Keir and Kaylee frosting/eating sugar cookies.
Kaylee shunning Keir for trying to kiss her on the cheek.
My friend Amber and her little girl came and stayed the weekend with us.  I had fun and enjoyed the company.  I always forget to take pictures so this is all I have.

Best Daddy and Husband!

John definitely gets the best husband and daddy award.  It started at I don't even know what time it was to be honest.  All I know was that it was still dark out and I was sleeping.  Keir had a horrible cough and so John went to go check on him and asked if he needed to go pee.  Keir said "yes." Well to late he peed the bed in his deep sleep so the good husband cleaned it all up while I layed in bed wondering what was taking so long.  Then at 9 am we were leaving with some friends to go to Vegas and about 30 mins or more Keir decided to throw-up.  Once again John Cleaned 'er up without even complaining once!  Love you babe you're the best!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's a....

  Keir's wish came true he is getting his "baby sister".  Last week we found out that we are going to be having a Girl.  We are really excited and can't wait for our new little addition!  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hooray for Banana Bread Family Night!!

Last night for family night we made banana bread. This is John which by his face, you can tell he is absolutely thrilled to be helping make Banana Bread.  Love you babe and thanks!!
Keir who couldn't be more content with making Banana Bread!
At least try to fake the excitement babe.  I can always count on Keir to be excited!!
Before it hits the heat!!
And the results...taste good, smells weird.  I used the Deceptively Delicious recipe and i don't know if it's the cauliflower and whole wheat but the smell is funk.  Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones. 

Bunnies and Lizards

We have lots of Jack Rabbits and Bunnies in our back yard since it's a field.  We also have snakes, tarantulas (which our neighbor next door found 2 in his yard), coyotes, and Lizards.  The bunnies have been eating our grass and fertilizing it with it poo pebbles and urine. Yummy, thank you bunnies.  John has not had to mow the grass for quite some time!!  Lucky him.

This is a one of the 3 lizards that have managed to make it into my house.  Not a big fan.  They are more then welcome in my yard NOT my house.  The last time there were lizards in the house I of course freaked and of course john was not home.  I was able to get it out of the house.  I take a nap and when I wake up there is a lizard staring at me.  Creepy.


Poor Keir has had the nasty cold that is going around and it doesn't want to leave and this is the result of it! Poor thing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Trick or Treat Day!!

This is Keir being scared of Nana aka Sleeping Beauty.  Every year we go to John's mom's school where she teaches and watch the little Halloween Costume Parade then watch the program where her students and the other kindergartner classes sing cute Halloween songs.  Way cute.
Keir and cousin Leo eating donuts in Nana's classroom.  And this is when the sweets start and then never end until he is asleep!!
After Nana's program we went back to Grandma Larsen's and Keir helped her pick up leaves...
...and sweep leaves.  Quite the little helper he is!!
FINALLY.....It's TRICK OR TREAT TIME.  We had to bribe Keir that he wouldn't get candy unless he dressed up.  He dressed up and he was the best trick-or-treater out there. He would go up to the doors proudly and knock or ring the door bell and say the magic words.  Then he'd try to grap a handful of candy.  So cute he is!!  He was a little Chef btw.  He LOVEs to cook and watch "Giada" on the food network with me.
Wow.  Seth (my baby brother) and Matt (John's baby brother)
Another WOW.  Seth sporting  a shorter wig and Sexy John with the longer.
The cutest Bateman out there, Simeon (john's nephew)!!   He has been practicing his charactor for a while now and he has got it down.  He is so animated and I love it!
I had to post this pose I mean come on look at that face!
His cute older brother Mikey aka Jedi.

Model Aviation Flying

Seth and his "baby" (his baby is not John btw)
Seth's plane or a real plane?? 
Or wait is this Seth's plane??  This one is his!!  Gotcha!

Model Aviation Watchers
John wishing Seth would give him a turn.
Keir's lucky uncle Sethy didn't see this.
And it's off!  Again.

Longboarding Keir Style!!

Keir With his favorite person Aunt Emmy

Seth would put keir on his longboard and then push him down the drive way into the road and back up the drive way.  Keir had so much fun he kept telling Seth, "AGAIN!"