Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Favorite part of my day

Keir had just gotten home from kindergarten, Myla was asleep exhausted from playing hard in the sun with Iris. I had just woken up when Keir got home. Exhausted myself. (I came home from work early not feeling great.) I popped me some popcorn and Keir got a popsicle. We got the blanket out of the car and spread it out on the lawn while we talked about his day and what he did at school. I ate my popcorn and he had his popsicle...which tasted like a tigers blood snow cone! He let me try some of his, so then I had to get my own. Although mine didn't taste like his. It tasted like soap. Bummer. Keir climbed in the tree and swung like a monkey as I lay on the blanket reading my book enjoying the warm sun, crisp blue sky and a beautiful green-leafed cover tree. It smelled of grass and I felt better (for a little bit.)This moment was the favorite part of my day!