Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yesterday we went to the Sand Dunes up Snow Canyon to have some fun with the little one!
Keir getting a feel for the sand.  
John's fabulous sand turtle.
John jumping over Keir. 
John and Keir jumping together.  What great family fun it was!!  I am taking photography classes so I just sat back and took pictures and enjoyed the two goofballs.

Happy Very Late Valentines!!

Keir and I made sugar cookies for our friends.  Yes we only have 4 friends, and yes one of them is my cousin but still a friend!  We are not good at making new friends it looks like cause for being here a year we should have more.  Dang it!
I was willing to make this sweet boy whatever heart shaped breakfast he wanted.  He comes in eating a sugar cookie.  Valentines it is, but no go on the sugar cookie for breakfast.  He choose a peanut butter sandwich that he wouldn't even let me make into a heart shape.
John's sad :( breakfast that I tried to make.
What John's sad :( breakfast was suppose to look like.  Not even close!  I can't believe I just reveled the horrible job I did.

Yummy BBQ Cracker!

So a couple of weeks ago John and I BBQ'd some Chicken and Keir wanted to BBQ as well.  I turn around and he has a Ritz cracker skewered  wanting to BBQ it.  John helped him and I was the fortunate one he made it for.  Don't you worry he made sure I ate the whole thing.  I could except for the burnt part which he was insisting that I  eat it. I tried.  It was a good way for me to bribe him to try what we were eating.