Friday, July 31, 2009

So this is going to be a brag post so sorry, but I am pretty proud of my little ones! So today was a special day for Myla Moo, one to remember! Are you ready...

She rolled over!

Not Once.. Not Twice.. But THREE times!!
From back to tummy!

(She will also scoot if I put my arm there for her to push off of!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Electric Gum

Keir is just pulling out the funny ones today! (this is for memory purposes when I post stuff that Keir does or says pretty much everything is for my sake since I don't keep a journal.) Keir LOVES gum. He is always getting in my bag or wanting gum balls out of the gum ball machines. Where ever it might be he finds it and wants it! So he was digging in my bag for some and so I got him a piece. He chews it for a second, then comes running out of the room where John is and says..."dad said this kind of gum will electrocute me so I needs the other kind." he spits it out and gets new gum from my room. Where oh where did he come from? right now he is shouting "I've got Christmas, I've got Christmas...."
Keir has this thing where he dances when he needs to go pee because he is to busy doing whatever it is he's doing and doesn't want to take the time to go. So this is his new thing. Here is what he says when I ask the dreadful question:

Me: "Keir do you need to go pee? You're dancing, I think you need too."

Keir: "No. I just feel like dance'n for fun."

Me: "What did you say? (laughing)"

Keir: "Um, I said.. can I have some of yours play-doh?"
(we are playing with play-doh)

He's a funny character who makes me laugh. The things he says and does. If it weren't for those little cute things he says and does....who knows what would happen???

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

She sure does love her big brother!
I forgot to add what Keir said and why the picture was taken in the 1st place. He said, "Mom, I can hold her why you make my oatmeal!" like it was no big deal.
Right....that could get scary without any assistance! 

Happy 3 Months!!

I can't believe our Little Miss Sunshine is already 3 months! She is the BEST baby ever! I just love her to pieces! She has become quite the Jibber Jabber and I love it. She is so smiley! She completes our little family and we are so grateful for her. I mean look at that sweet face! We love you Myla Moo!
(not quite accurate I measured and weighed her myself since I missed her two month appt.)
Weight: 11 lbs
Height: 24 inches

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bridal Veil Falls

Friday we went to Bridal Veil Falls and Vivian Park with some cousins, aunts, and Nana. We had a pretty fun time. Keir enjoyed it, mostly the water and of course the fruit snacks.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Little Boys Best Friend

Keir has a love, hate relationship with Lexie. When he was little he Loved Lexie and then he went through a phase where he wouldn't go outside if Lexie was out of her kennel. Now we can't get him away from her. It's cute though. He is her little mom always telling her what she can and can't do. Today Lexie got in the garbage and pulled a bag out, Keir said, "Lexie if you can't listen you can go to your kennel for being naughty." hum I wonder where he got that idea from?

Keir's B-day Party!

The Cake
Blowing out the candles
Opening The Presents.
(it was hard to get any pictures he was quick)
He should be happy he just got loaded with a bunch of new toys!
Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts it was very kind of you! He loves them all!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Happy 3rd Birthday Keir! We love you and are so glad you are part of our little fam!
For all the change Keir has been through this year he still is our little man. He is really into playing cars and tools and when Avery or any girl is around it's dolls and princesses! Whatever makes him happy makes me happy!
We Love You!
Daddy, Mommy and Myla Moo