Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Halloween Party

2 sickos wrestling. Yes one happens to be my husband if that is what you call him.
 Can I just say I was completely repulsed by my own husband.  It took a few days of recovery.
Dan and Margo.  Great costumes!

What the ???  Adam and Nakole. 
Charlie and Annika "The Hosts"
 Christian, Kara and Baby Brighton as Charlie, Annika and Avery want-to-be's.

For some reason or another it erased Brennen and Channie's.  I can't get it back.  Sorry. 

Keir's Beautiful Wall Murel

One fine day while I was getting ready and Keir was "suppose" to be watching a movie, he came into my bathroom and said in the most sweetest proudest way, "Mom, I colored on the walls!"  I wasn't quite sure I heard him right so he repeated it and sure enough that was what he was saying.  Not believing he actually did it I said, "Oh why don't you show me."  He didn't need to cause as you can see he did quite the number not just on the wall but also on the arms of my couches.  Luckily I was getting ready to go to a parenting class lets just put it that way.  I couldn't get mad because he was so proud showing me his circles and the colors he used.  He really thought that he did me this huge favor. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

Keir's Special Pumpkin

For our young women's activity the other night we painted pumpkins and I told Keir that I would bring him one home.  Even though he has only seen Clifford twice, he is a fan.  So there was a picture that had this idea on it and so I went ahead and painted this bad boy free handed thank you very much.  I am a very talented women I mean just scroll down some more and I can prove it!!  Then when I was pulling into my driveway I was then greeted by a flipping disgusting snake that proceeded to slither into my grass.  Yes if your wondering John was gone and I stayed in my car for quite some time before making a dash for the house!  The snake was a California King Snake.  Eww gross.  

Keirs' New Game

Keirs' new game is to get all of the grocery sacks out and then shuffle them under his feet from the kitchen to the living room until every sack is in the living room.  Then we throw them up in the air and kick them around and make them "pop" as Keir would say.  My house gets covered in them.  The kitchen has twice as many bags!  The cleaning part is usually twice as fun. :(

Keir's Sleeping Buddies and Blankets...WOW

We need to get him a bigger bed for all of his stuff he demands to sleep with!
This is usually what is in his crib with him. Sometimes more but never less!!  Always all 5 blankets for sure!