Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Trick or Treat Day!!

This is Keir being scared of Nana aka Sleeping Beauty.  Every year we go to John's mom's school where she teaches and watch the little Halloween Costume Parade then watch the program where her students and the other kindergartner classes sing cute Halloween songs.  Way cute.
Keir and cousin Leo eating donuts in Nana's classroom.  And this is when the sweets start and then never end until he is asleep!!
After Nana's program we went back to Grandma Larsen's and Keir helped her pick up leaves...
...and sweep leaves.  Quite the little helper he is!!
FINALLY.....It's TRICK OR TREAT TIME.  We had to bribe Keir that he wouldn't get candy unless he dressed up.  He dressed up and he was the best trick-or-treater out there. He would go up to the doors proudly and knock or ring the door bell and say the magic words.  Then he'd try to grap a handful of candy.  So cute he is!!  He was a little Chef btw.  He LOVEs to cook and watch "Giada" on the food network with me.
Wow.  Seth (my baby brother) and Matt (John's baby brother)
Another WOW.  Seth sporting  a shorter wig and Sexy John with the longer.
The cutest Bateman out there, Simeon (john's nephew)!!   He has been practicing his charactor for a while now and he has got it down.  He is so animated and I love it!
I had to post this pose I mean come on look at that face!
His cute older brother Mikey aka Jedi.


Megano said...

Oh he looks so cute as a little chef!! BUT what did you dress up as? That's what I'd like to see. btw my dad said he went to the store and Claire was there, he said she was all over the place... miss those days!

Megano said...

I am the hunter and Stefano (husband) is the deer. Pre freakin genius I know!! HAHA! It really was hilarious! I can't believe you didn't dress up... BUT there is always next year, and I'm sure you won't dissapoint:)

Kelsey said...

I love Keir's Halloween costume. It turned out really cute! I miss you guys! seeing the pictures makes it so hard. Bella loves it though! Love ya!

Mower Family said...

Keir looks so freakin cute! Thanks for the fun visit, can't wait till the 21st!