Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow at Grandma and Grandpa's

We went up north for Christmas on Sunday the 21. The drive was great.  No snow until... The next day Monday the 22.  John and Keir had fun playing in the snow.  I joined them later.  Then later we drove my dad's four wheeler down to John's parent's to plow their drive.  While John did that Keir and I shoveled the walks.  It was so cute I went into their garage to grab a shovel when I came back Keir helped himself into Nana's.  I said, "Keir your all wet get back out here."  Keir's response with attitude, "I am getting a Shovel." Somehow he went and found a toy shovel to help. Later that night we and my parents went and rented some movies then went to the good 'ole Festival of Lighs.  John and my dad were thrilled and didn't complain once!!  Ha Ha.

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