Monday, February 2, 2009


On Saturday we went for a hike because it was a BEAUTIFUL day.  John found out from our nice neighbor about this place that is like 5 minutes driving distance from our house that has petroglyphs. It was sure fun!  Please note these pictures were taken with John's phone.

I Love how Keir is looking at John in this pic.  So tender.  You can just tell how much he loves his daddy and thinks he's the coolest!
Keir would jump over the little dips. (I think there's an actual name for the dips, but I don't know.) He'd say, "Watch me." and then he'd get like a 1/2 inch of the ground and thud hit it. Knees barely bending.  So cute. 

Keir found this stick and said, "look at my stick.  It's so fantastic!"
"AAHHH"  Soaking up the sun baby!

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