Friday, April 3, 2009

Sorry Nakole I had to still this off your blog cause I Love it!!  When I saw it all the sudden I felt so awesome and tough.  I try to look at it every day as a reminder of how cool I really am it makes the days when I feel like a beached whale washed up on shore and stuck (aka in the middle of the night when you need to go pee and all you need is that extra shove to get you off the bed and all you want to do is punch your husband just because he's getting a good night's sleep.)  Or the times when you have to bend over and all the sudden your face is turning blue because you forgot to squat instead and your air supply is being cut off. Or how 'bout when you feel like your suffocating because it hit 70 degrees outside and all the sudden you can't see your ankles or get your ring off because you've swelled like a balloon.  Just all the little perks of being prego.  This is a just great reminder of how tough and sexy I still am.  Minus the sexy part.  Thanks Nakole for the reminder I needed it.

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Alexander Family said...

Kirby I miss you. How are you doing Poor little guy.