Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank You Everyone

Thank You Everyone for your nice comments you've been leaving me.  I have never had so many comments posted and can I tell you that I feel really loved. I might just have a babies all the time just to boost my self esteem. Thanks again you're all so kind!


Jessica said...

Way to go Kirby! So did you do the home delivery with Keir? You rock, Seriously! Well Baby Girl is still Georgous, I hope all is well. I want to hear your birth story if you are up for sharing. My friend Katie also had her little boy at home 1 year ago, and i just think you guys rock!

Jessica said...

Yeah! I would love to hang out. What brings you back up here? Are you going to live in springville? I would love to hear your birth story. I bet you feel great doing it unmedicated. Let me know when you move up here. I live in Spanish fork so still close by.

Jessica said...

Hey Momma. Happy Mothers day. Just email me jesswing84@hotmail.com. I can give you my #:)