Friday, May 29, 2009

1/2 Marathon

So I know Emmy just posted these pics on her blog and I know this was 2 years ago almost, but when I saw these I thought This is what I am going to look like again and I need your help and support getting there! Emmy and I did a 1/2 Marathon. It was a blast and I miss running with her. We will again someday. Right Em? 
Look at the little guy. 
At the time I didn't think I looked this in shape. It's quite the motivation.
Hopefully I'll have some boobs next time around!


Mr. Awesome And His Lotus Blossom said...

Heck ya, were going to do this again! Maybe next time we can do a full marathon!

Jessica said...

You look awesome!!! ( not like you ever have looked bad!) I am with you on the boob's thing. But i think nursing a 2nd child will not be a charm for me. A plastic surgeon sure will though:)