Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Itty Bitty's and Baby Giants

(Proud Poppy)
So our little fam has been sick therefore we haven't been able to hold or see baby Iris. Yesterday I was finally able to hold this little itty bitty 5lb bundle of joy, but when I went down she was eating so I had to wait, then she made a poopie so I couldn't, then I had to get Keir dinner and ready for bed so I had to wait...which was very hard. While I was getting Keir's delicious hot dog dinner ready this was our conversation....
Keir: Why aren't you holding baby Iris
Me: because she is eating
Keir: But you can still hold her
Me: I guess I could, it might be a little awkward since she's eating
Keir: You could just feed her with yours
Me: Again, I guess I could but that would be very awkward for all of us 
FINALLY I was able to hold her and she is the sweetest thing every...(Next to Myla moo that is cause nobody is as sweet as her!) She is soooo teeny tiny. Then Myla Moo woke up and all the sudden she turned into BABY GIANT! She knows something is up because you should have seen her trying to win her Uncle Sethy over with those smiles she was flashing at him! OH so cute!

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Deanna said...

That is SOO funny! Ahhhh...the things we get the privilege of teaching our little boys...oh boy, heaven help me! :)