Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beam Museum

Since it was fall break and Nana didn't have to teacher we went to the Beam Museum! We(Keir Myla and myself) went with Leo, Nana, Aunty Em and baby Iris!
Keir and Leo. Leo wasn't able to get out of the stroller in fear that he might want to become one with the animals and go WILD (even though they're only stuffed)! It was Hilarious, Nana was scared to get him out of his stroller, I look over and she has picked up the whole stroller and he is getting a drink out of the fountain! Funny stuff!
Baby Iris slept the whole time. What a little angel she is. (Ahhh... just look at those cheeks. I just want to kiss them! Eww...I Just love her!)

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