Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ear Infections

So I feel like the worst mom in the world. On Thursday I took the kids to go take there pictures up the canyon. The WHOLE time Keir was whining. He was driving me CRAZY! I was so snappy and short with him. Well we get home and he had no other option but to take a nap because I was done! He woke up warm and just as whiney. That night was hell so the next day I took them to the Dr because they were both coughing and snot was flying! Don't you worry he was whining for a reason! He has an EAR INFECTION!! Where were my motherly instincts on that one? Poor boy, he needs a loving mommy not a MEAN short tempered one! Sorry bud.
This is the results when Keir has an ear infection....
This is Myla with a ear infection (which by the way the Dr could hardly see because of her ear wax, dang it another bad mommy moment! How am I suppose to get it out? I don't want to shove it in further! The Dr agreed so I feel better!) Getting a kick out of Keir whining!
This is BOTH of them by the END!!
and they still love me!?!

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