Saturday, October 24, 2009

New but Used Table

John and I were due for a new table so I thought I was save us a few and just buy a used one and refinish it. I found this beaut for $30 (I forgot to get a before pic but you get the general Idea of what it looks like) John went out of town hunting so I though after I put the kids down for bed my Mom and I can tackle this beast. My mom loves when I involve her in my projects (not really) I convince her by telling her it's a bonding experience!

This is Ma sanding away that beautiful forest green color that was so popular in the early 90's!
This was the mother of all beast! Taking Varnish of is a pain. Laterally, my back was killing!
Ma in action! Are you getting why she doesn't enjoy my projects? (if not, it's because she's the one mostly tackling the job. Mother does it best!)
Tonight We, as in Sethy and I, finished the project. Although Ma gets out of this one, well sort of, she had to watch the kids...the credit goes to Sethy Poo on this one. I primed and he painted it! What a lovely job he did! I Can't wait to put 'er together and surround it with my pale yellow chairs for the finale! Thanks Seth and Mom! Don't get to relaxed I'm sure I'll have many more bonding projects to come!!

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