Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Halloween Pictures Overload!

So we haven't had the Internet for almost 3 weeks so here's some Halloween pics with the cousins!

Keir insisted on being a Triceratops. Don't ask me why but I couldn't change his mind. It was cute that he cared so much! For Myla Moo one look at the ladybug costume and I was sold then I put her in it and the faces she was pulling was way to irresistible!
Triceratops Keir
Keir and Robot Xander
Mikey in his cool something from Star-wars. ( I mean no disrespect) So cute Loved the costume!
Dragon Simmy and Big Brother Mikey
Pirate River, Snow White Rain, Pumpkin Echo
Robot Xander Man
Crazy Dragon Leo
Sweet Little LadyBug Myla and Daddy!
Happy Late Halloween Everyone!
(Keir is still saying..."And thank you for Halloween..." in his prayers! Time to move on buddy!)

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