Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ouch, That Looks Like It Hurts!

Yi.. Ca.. Rumba it hurts just looking at it!
Poor guy was cutting cards (he is, well was, into making valentine cards even though the holiday has been over for a while) when some how he cut his finger. Please note that those were CHILD scissors not adult. He was at the table and I was at the counter and all of the sudden he is whining, and now standing, holding his finger with a little blood coming out. I was like "Oh bud it's ok it's just a little cut. Lets go to the bathroom and rinse it off." So we do and when the water runs on it and I can actually see it's not just a little cut, that is when I call for JOHN!! For some reason I can handle other peoples injuries, well kind of, but when it's my kids I can't. The thing bled and bled for forever! It was making us nervous but there is no way you could stitch it up. Finally after almost a week the bleeding has stopped. Myla moo stepped on it when they were playing and that made it bleed again. Then someone at preschool went ahead and stepped on it as well. Poor guy can't catch a break!

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Deanna said...

OUCHIE!!!! That looks like it hurt!!! Poor kiddo!