Wednesday, July 9, 2008

John spending time with me while I was in the hospital.
1 week after the accident
3 weeks and 1 day after the accident stitches removed!!  Which hurt by the way.
Also 3 weeks and 1 day after the accident.

What happened was... after we had our beautiful family pics done our friends Adam and Nakole invited us over for dinner.  We were up in Utah county by the way.  After dinner the guys went outside to ride Adams new Rhino. (For those that don't know what a Rhino is, it's a fourwheeling devise.  Not an actual animal from the zoo, although that would of made for a killer story.) Anyways... John gave me a ride on it which was a blast.  Those things can climb.  Well John went to turn and let off the gas and we tipped over.  Well the smart girl I am decided to put my hand down (I mean I have been working out so I thought I was strong enough to do what?  Catch us?  Guess not.) and we slide a bit therefore ripping my hand to shreds.  I seriously thought they were going to have to amputate my hand.  It looked like dirty hamburger.  (You wouldn't think from the pictures.  I wish I had one of that night.) John thought my pinky was missing.  Thats because it was hanging there because 2 inches of my pinky nerve was ripped out.  John said there was a hole in my hand where he could see the tendents.  Ew gross.  I don't remember because I think I went into shock.  Then at the ER they had to clean it out after giving me a nice dose of heavy narcodics.  I really don't remember anything after that.  The next day I went into surgery to get it cleaned out and then had another surgery on thursday.  I was then released to go home on friday.  I am doing very well and I feel very blesed.  I just need some physical theropy to get my pinky, ring and middle fingers moving.  They are very stiff and sore from not moving them for so long and very numb but that might always be.  I would just like to thank all of our friends Especially Brennen for getting me to the hospital in one peice at the speed you were going, Shanny Adam and John for listening to me whine the whole way there and all my family for all of there prayers, love and support.  You know who you are!! Dr. Macarthur for saving my hand.  I'd like to especially thank John my amazing husband for EVERYTHING he does and did for me.  Inbetween hospital visits he was up all night taking care of our son Keir who was sick.  I don't know what I would of done with out you!       I love you babe!  

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