Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Halloween Party

2 sickos wrestling. Yes one happens to be my husband if that is what you call him.
 Can I just say I was completely repulsed by my own husband.  It took a few days of recovery.
Dan and Margo.  Great costumes!

What the ???  Adam and Nakole. 
Charlie and Annika "The Hosts"
 Christian, Kara and Baby Brighton as Charlie, Annika and Avery want-to-be's.

For some reason or another it erased Brennen and Channie's.  I can't get it back.  Sorry. 

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Megano said...

YES, I love it when people go all out for halloween! Halloween is seriously one of the best holidays. PS love that you can see a zit on that guys butt... the one taking advatage of you husband... or whatever it is he is doing. ha! Loves it!