Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keir's Beautiful Wall Murel

One fine day while I was getting ready and Keir was "suppose" to be watching a movie, he came into my bathroom and said in the most sweetest proudest way, "Mom, I colored on the walls!"  I wasn't quite sure I heard him right so he repeated it and sure enough that was what he was saying.  Not believing he actually did it I said, "Oh why don't you show me."  He didn't need to cause as you can see he did quite the number not just on the wall but also on the arms of my couches.  Luckily I was getting ready to go to a parenting class lets just put it that way.  I couldn't get mad because he was so proud showing me his circles and the colors he used.  He really thought that he did me this huge favor. 

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