Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Last Monday we went with some friend's to New Harmony and cut down our Christmas tree's. It was quite the event and ended up being an all day project.  It started off with breakfast at the Alexander's which was quite the ordeal with the pumpkin waffles not turning out.  So that took up all of the morning.  Then we were off to tree hunt.  Not quite.  We had to meet a friend then it was lunch time.  We went to lunch at some nasty Mexican food place in Cedar City.  Then we had to go to Ace for a Christmas tree stand and then the grocery store.  Then we finally went and John and the other boys excuse me Men went and chopped the trees.  After that we went to a friends house and his nice wife made everyone hot chocolate.  Then it was off for home.  It was really fun though even though I have made it sound like it was miserable.  It was to late to decorate the tree so that happened the next night.  Here are some pics of the 2 day event.
It was hilarious watching Keir decorate the tree.  He would but as many ornaments on one branch as he could. As you see in the above picture underneath where his is hanging his next five.

So proud of his tree!
John pulling a serious pose after being the man he is and chopping the tree down and hauling it to the truck all by his macho self!

Our lovely friends Christian, Kara and Baby Brighton.  
Our little fam.
Annika, me and Kara freezing. 

The final results.  And yes it is leaning a little to the left and still is :)


Christian and Kara said...

oh Kirbaliscious!! I have to get you the picss of him actuall cutting it down!!! Your tree looks positively wonderful!!!

Kelsey said...

how fun to have a real tree! Merry Christmas sis! Love you!