Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Wonderful Weekend

The sparkly trees at home.
John went Buffalo hunting this past weekend so since I am a scaredy cat Charlie and Annika were kind enough to let Keir and I stay with them.  We sure did have fun!!  Until  Sunday and for Keir's safety his dad needed to get home!  J/k
Annika came up with this wonderful project for us to do.  We made sparkly trees to add to our Christmas decor.  Then I helped her finish her sparkly balls.  It was fun and sparkles were EVERYWHERE!!  
The next morning Annika was kind enough to make us pancakes with the most Delicious syrup ever.  The first batch was not so successful so she made oatmeal pancakes which were yummy yum!
 The yummy yum oatmeal pancakes with the most delectable syrup EVER!!

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