Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunny Day Fun

Our day started with a walk, but it got a little to hot so it was cut short.  We decided to take Keir to the little water park they have down by the St. George library.  Sad to say, Parno didn't show up. Keir asked where he was and I said, "I don't know."  Keir's reply, "He's probably still getting his swimsuit on."

Big Momma decided to get in on a little water action!  Yeah buddy.

After the water action we went home to make dinner because we had some special peeps, the Baird family (minus Momma Baird who is totally awesome and ran the Boston Marathon today.  She kicks butt like that. we missed her dearly) coming over for dinner.  They came, we ate, had family night then we all went fishing at Ivins reservoir I believe is what it's called.  Here are some pics. (I didn't post pics of the Baird family they like to keep a low profile.
Before he discovered the mud.
Sexy getting his fishing on.
After he discovered the mud.  Which he played in the whole 2 hours or so we were there.

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