Thursday, July 23, 2009

Keir has this thing where he dances when he needs to go pee because he is to busy doing whatever it is he's doing and doesn't want to take the time to go. So this is his new thing. Here is what he says when I ask the dreadful question:

Me: "Keir do you need to go pee? You're dancing, I think you need too."

Keir: "No. I just feel like dance'n for fun."

Me: "What did you say? (laughing)"

Keir: "Um, I said.. can I have some of yours play-doh?"
(we are playing with play-doh)

He's a funny character who makes me laugh. The things he says and does. If it weren't for those little cute things he says and does....who knows what would happen???


Kelsey said...

oh Keir! These little tikes are SMART!

Christian and Kara said...

I am 20 weeks this Sunday. I know B is getting bigger by the day!! Its sad but good cause she LOVES babies and she will be such a big help with the new little one!!

Deanna said...

how adorable!!! How old is he now?