Friday, October 3, 2008

Keir's Special Pumpkin

For our young women's activity the other night we painted pumpkins and I told Keir that I would bring him one home.  Even though he has only seen Clifford twice, he is a fan.  So there was a picture that had this idea on it and so I went ahead and painted this bad boy free handed thank you very much.  I am a very talented women I mean just scroll down some more and I can prove it!!  Then when I was pulling into my driveway I was then greeted by a flipping disgusting snake that proceeded to slither into my grass.  Yes if your wondering John was gone and I stayed in my car for quite some time before making a dash for the house!  The snake was a California King Snake.  Eww gross.  


Jessica Wing said...

I could not agree more! I was thinkging the same thing this morning. It is like when you had a big paper and you just threw a bunch of crap out there to get done. I mean come on, Reneesme? Cute pumpkin by the way!

Christian and Kara said...

did you paint that kirb? god job amigo!

Megano said...

you the domesticated QUEEN bee! Well done! I love Halloweeen!!!

PS I hate snakes and freak out if I see one.... I don't really think Hate is a strong enough word..... they're terriable little things.